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small eats for all needs


“small amount of food eaten between meals.” – Google

Nowadays it feels like the small eatsportion sizes have gone up in bites and regular meals. There is really no definitive line between the two, but we try to give the optimal advice and cater to different needs and times. Portion sizes play a big role in health. Even if you are not eating the most nutritious ingredients imaginable, keeping modest serving sizes will be healthier in the long run. Also in situations like parties or at work, it is beneficial to have easier bites at hand.

We aim to provide the recent information there is so kids will know about healthy snacks to avoid obesity and to keep going through the day. The choices you make reflect heavily on your children so we want to make sure that we give the best advice possible for the in-between meals.

Most of our bites recipes will be quite short and give only the necessary information on the food at hand. Also we do not picture the process of making the foods but there will be always a demonstrative image of the food that is being informed. Look for in the future for us to also share our ideas in Facebook, Twitter and Google +, maybe even in Pinterest.

We will aim to grow with the assumption that today’s food websites are largely over bloated and in need of skimming down. The availability for everyone to submit content of course helps in getting required coverage for your network, but in the end it is all about the quality of the content, not the quantity. That is why our mission is to create a source for only the most relevant recipes and ideas out there.

Check out our different categories from the navigation panel. At the moment we have 8 different areas in which we try to collect the finest snack recipes and information what is available to us. We hope we will satisfy many different tastes and bring enjoyment with these chosen small bites. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and give us more ideas and suggestions on our content. Enjoy your day!

“Small eats for all needs”

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